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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

[Video ]LHHATL Mimi Faust looks and sounds crazy on "Living the Life" segment

Mimi steps into rare form after the season of Love & Hip Hop ends with a random PSA rant to all that are in her "Business" (that she cared to air on live tv) & Even though she is sending a message to all the so-called hating a** b****es around the world in this clip, she looks & sounds nuts!

In a “Living the Life” segment, ATL producer Jermaine Dupri asks Mimi is Stevie’s little man dipped in gold because he can’t understand why she’s still with him after all his foolishness. Well a few hahas, subtle shade, and explicit remarks later, Mimi randomly flips out about all the people who have criticized her this past season — envision her confessionals on “Love & Hip-Hop” on steroids — and says:
“You act like I’m the only b***h whose been cheated on, all you mother f***ing b****es been cheated on!”
Oh and That’s not all..
“All you mother f***ers get the f*** out of here. Don’t act and don’t f***ing play like I’m the only b***h whose been cheated on. My s*** is just on TV. I didn’t lie, I told the truth. F*** ya’ll and your f***ing opinions about me and mine.”

Check out the whole clip below.

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